S.O.T.W. “Special Delivery” by Bridget Kelly

I am back 🙂 … Did you miss me???

Sorry I have been slipping, but since I left for Cali my life has been a whirl-wind!   Cali was so much fun, I went to LA and The Bay Area,  I got to see so many friends and hang out with my family (always a great time).  When I got back, I had so much catching up to do, I also went to see my first Broadway play last week :-)!  I went to see ‘Chicago’, which was good!  Lastly I went to the Made In America festival this past weekend, which was AMAZING!  I had sooooo much fun.  I wasn’t press, so I didn’t get to take my professional camera, but I did have an all access pass, so I got some pretty good pictures (via on my phone – to see some my pictures check out the Facebook or InstaGram).  I also meet and chilled with JAY-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, yes the Jigga man himself!  He was so nice and it was a honor to meet him.  I meet a lot of other people too, it was just overall a great experience!

But back to real life!!!! I have a couple of events to go to this week, so you I will be hearing from me soon (maybe sooner than later)!

The ‘Song Of The Week’ goes to a very talented artist from Brooklyn, Bridget Kelly!  The song ‘Special Delivery’ hit the internet last week and I instantly fell in love with it!  Let me know what you think!

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