Chill NY at the High Line

So on Friday I got a text from a friend saying that in Chelsea, Jaguar (the car company) was having free ice skating in the middle of summer.  I knew I could not miss it!  Under the High Line (my favorite get away in NYC) Jaguar built this huge snow globe and actually made winter come to life in the middle of summer.

Besides ice skating, they had a DJ, a lounge with free wi-fi and charge station, they also allowed you to take photos with the new Jag.  Two popular ice cream truck (Cool Haus & Van Leeuwen Ice Cream) was there as well, helping everyone stay cool and giving out ice cream!!!!  The best part is everything was free and open to everyone!!

I had such a good time!  I love random things like this in NY!  Also if you are into GQ (the magazine), download the cool app GQ Live (it is literally amazing).  When you look at any ads in the Sept issue of GQ through the GQ Live app the ad becomes interactive!!!! Talk about technology (it made me feel like a secret agent lol).

Such a great time spent and I wish it was still going on :-(.  I hope they do it again soon!!! Well until next event xoxoxo…


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