G-Shock 30th Bday Party

So last night there were a million things going on.  I decided to first go to a G-Shock press conference at the Manhattan Center, but I never left once I realized there was an after party!  It was worth the stay and I had a blast!

G-Shock, owned by Casio, turns 30 on 2013 and they did it in style! Everyone has heard of this popular watch that has clearly become a fashion trend over the past couple of years.  It is known for endurance and has always been popular in the high-endurance sports world.  They revealed three new watches – Smart-Access, Bluetooth, and Triple G.  Now why someone needs a watch with Bluetooth and can work after being through every natural disaster, is beyond me.  But all three watches are great and I’m sure will be huge.  Their 30th edition watch, red and gold, is also coming out this fall.  They are also opening their first store in NY this fall (that was a shocker… pun intended) in SoHo.

As for the party, well that was amazing.  Open bar, over 1000 people, DJ Drama spinning, and Slaughterhouse (with Joe Budden) and EMINEM performed!  The performances were excellent and enjoyable to watch.  I mean who can go wrong with open bar and such a huge performance?  I don’t think I need to explain anything!

Well I had such a good time and though I did not make it to my other events (don’t you wish you could clone yourself?) I am glad I stayed at this one event.  Until next event xoxo…

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