DeWeezy Series Premier Party

Last night I was in attendance for the Deweezy webisode premier party, hosted by the Glu Agency.  It was held at Greenhouse. Last time I was there, Chris Brown and Drake decided to have a bottle juggling match at the basement club WIP, so I was kind of nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect this time around at last night’s event.

But this event was actually a good one!  Given Liqueur (yes the name is Given) and Mountain Dew sponsored the event.  The event was a sneak peak at Lil Wayne’s and Mountain Dew (get it DeWeezy) new series documenting that showcase skate boarding through the eyes of Lil Wayne (no he was not there).  Mountain Dew is actually Lil Wayne’s first major endorsement deal which is very interesting since he has been out since early 00’s.

Wayne is actually giving a lot back to his community while using skate boarding as a tool.  He and his team are currently building a skate park near the 9th ward (the section of N.O. where the levees broke during Hurricane Katrina).  He has also given away over 700 skate broads to the community.  Who knew?

Overall it was an awesome event.  I am glad I was there because I was able to learn something new about an artist who I was kind of not interested in and it made me like him again.  You can check out the series here….. It premiers/premieres today so tweet me (@fromlatonyc) and let me know what you think!

Until next event besos..


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