OVO Festival

So as most of you know Drake had his annual OVO Festival in Toronto this past weekend.  As you guys may have guessed I was in the city, so I wasn’t there BUTTTT a friend of mine went and he was kind enough to be a guest blogger!!!! FromLAtoNYC.com first guest bloggers :-)!!!! Here is what they had to say:

 This weekend was Drake’s OVO Festival in Toronto, and not everyone could make it but Philly’s own Ish (The DNTN Brand) & Shaheed (Changemakers) were able to experience it. This is their first hand experience of the event.  The show was amazing. I typically don’t consider an artist, an “artist” until I see them perform live; preferably with a band. Drake is definitely a true artist. You could tell how much he loves his city by the passion and emotions he spilled while performing (not to mention the new 416, Toronto’s area code, tattoo he got…lol).

The OVO Fest is the biggest Annual Hip-Hop event in Toronto. Named after his hometown pre-fame October’s Very Own clique, began in 2010 as a way to stake his claim on the Hip-Hop scene.  Previous OVO fest guests include Jay Z, Eminem, Nas, Lil Wayne, and Stevie Wonder.  Drake also brought along some friends. The advertised performers were A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, and The Weeknd. All of those acts had their own sets, but Drake brought them all back out during his set. Acted as hypeman and performed alongside A$AP Rocky for his hit “Goldie”. Performed “No Lie” with 2 Chainz and performed “Crew Luv” with The Weeknd.

 Drake brought out Philly native Meek Mill to perform “Amen”…followed by a short Meek Mill set where he performed “I’m a Boss” and brought out another surprise guest (Rick Ross) who’s featured on the song. With Rick Ross now on stage, Drake brought out French Montana as they performed “Pop That” and “Stay Scheming”… Waka Flocka also made an appearance as he and Drake performed “Round of Applause”… Snoop Dogg also came out as a surprise guest performing some of his hits including “Next Episode”, “G Thang”, “Beautiful”, and “Drop it Like its hot.” The final celeb guest was Nicki Minaj and she performed “Beez in the trap” w/ 2 Chainz and “So Proud” w/ Drake.

Also while in Toronto, Juwan Lee (Director) and Curtis Bryant (Producer) filmed the video for “My Moment” which is Dj Drama’s song featuring Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, and Jeremih.  This was a GREAT experience and please make sure you check out the video when it drops!

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Affiliation: Complement Your Lifestyle and The DNTN Brand
Twitter & Instagram: @Ish_CYL
Website: www.Complimentsof.tumblr.com and www.DontBiteMyStyle.com

Affiliation: Changemakers Organization and Anderung Clothing
Twitter and Instagram: @Change_makers
Website: www.ChangeMakersOrg.com and www.AnderungClothing.com

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