Hot 97’s Summer Splash Party

Yesterday I headed over the Beekman’s Beer Garden in lower Manhattan to attend the Hot 97 “Summer Splash” Party.  All of Hot 97 radio personalities was in the building and the Ciroc Boys were there (even though it wasn’t an open bar 😦 ).

Beekmans is a great place, especially in the spring and summer.  Since it is on the pier in downtown it has an amazing view of 3 of the Manhattan Bridges, the Brooklyn Skyline, and the sky rises in downtown.  Plus it is set up like a beach, so you get sand in the city!

I will be honest I wasn’t too sure what the purpose of this event.  No one was performing, they had their launch last week (click here to get my recap), and there wasn’t an open bar (you know I’m a future member of AA right?).  I soon realize this was just another excuse to throw a summer party, which is never bad.  Not sure I would have went if I knew it was just a party,  but I don’t regret going at all, because it was a GREAT party!  The ADHD DJ’s (a DJ that never plays one full song and mostly just course of songs or is always talking through songs) played a lot of classics, which kept the party jumping!   The crowd was mixed and was having a great time, so overall it was a great unexpected event!

Until next one… xoxo

2 Responses to “Hot 97’s Summer Splash Party”
  1. john says:

    it was a cool event but no need for media to be there. All of the ciroc signs but no open bar wtf lol

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