Hot 97 “Hot97.TV” Launch Party

On Tuesday, I also went to the Hot 97 party!  It was a launch party for their newest venture Hot97.TV.  It was sponsored by Stoli Hot & Sticki Vodka.

Hot97.TV is a pretty cool website that allows you to watch music videos and Hot 97 interviews.  It also is the home for their new original series “Los Blancos”, which is about to Latina sisters who take over their family’s cocaine business (this sounds like something that would be on HBO).

Stoli Hot & Sticki Vodka is okay, definitely an acquired taste.  I am not sure how I feel about jalapeño flavored vodka, I mean I love jalapeños, but I don’t too much care to drink something spicy.  The Sticki flavor, which is honey, was actually pretty good (I will take a sweet drink over a hot drink any day).  Did anyone know that Nuvo (the alcohol) made condoms (they were a part of the goodie bag)?  I guess that makes sense, since drinking usually leads to sex!

Any who it was a good time and glad I was able to make it, until next event xoxo….

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  1. BennyBwoy says:

    NuVo Condoms is not associated with NuVo liquor. You can check us out at

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