Cosmopolitan Magazine Summer Splash Party

So Tuesday was a great night… there were a lot of events going on and I was able to make it to a couple! I started off by going to the Cosmopolitan/Cosmopolitan for Latinas summer splash party.  Sponsored by Skinny Girls cocktails, this party was a hit!

Held at the Hudson Terrace in Hells Kitchen, which is a great venue, the party really catered to the ladies.  With free manicures and hair streaking, it was almost like a pampering party, who can’t go for some pampering after a long day at work.  Skinny Girl cocktails are actually great; I have never had them before,  I thought they were just mixers, but they are cocktails pre-made and all you need is ice! My favorites were the California Rose and the White Cranberry Cosmo.

Over all it was a good time, good music, and good drinks, what more can you ask for?

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