Samsung ‘Smart TV’ Present’s Sound Waves on the Intrepid

So I partied on a boat, a military boat!  Earlier this week it was zoo, now it is a military boat (I am running out of things to cross off on my bucket list).  Samsung ‘Smart TV’ presented their summer concert series “Sound Waves” and it was held on the Intrepid.  I had never heard of the Intrepid, but it is actually a military museum on an old naval boat in the Westside. They had classic fighter jets all around and drinks; which for some reason sounds illegal, but very fun!

The concert was originally supposed to be on Wednesday, but since mother nature decided to teach NYC a lesson on why you should never doubt her, it was rescheduled for Thursday; (which I was happy about, as most of these events are hardly ever rescheduled).  DJ Vito Fun spun the night away and they had performances by indie/rock artists – Red Baraat, Delicate Steve, Javelin, and MNDR.  I only say Javelin, a duo of two guys one from BK the other from LA (woot woot, they are #teamLAtoNY or #teamCAtoNY), and I saw MNDR.  Both were good and had me semi rocking out (couldn’t rage, had a long day).

I really want to know whose bright idea was it to have this concert on the Intrepid? Whoever it was, needs a raise and I need their contact.  It was brilliant; the view of NYC and Jersey was amazing and really gave it a magical feel.  Since the boat was so massive, you didn’t even realize you were on water (no motion sickness). Oh NYC and their great parties!  You think you are sooooo COOL!

As you can tell I had a great time.  I believe this is a series and they will have another one next week.  Will keep you updated, so stay tuned and we can all party on a naval ship!  Until next event xoxo…



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