Brooklyn Magazine ‘Summer’ Issue party

Lions, tigers, and bears OH MY…  Last night I went to a summer soiree for the Brooklyn Magazine’s ‘Summer Issue’ hosted by *ding ding* you guest it…. Brooklyn Magazine!  It was held at the Prospect Park Zoo, no there weren’t actual lions, tigers, and bears *sad face*; but there were other cool animals.

Sponsored by Belvedere, Becks Beer, and Vitamin Water; it was literally a party in the zoo.  I haven’t been to the zoo since my late teens, so I kind of felt guilty about drinking at this small zoo.  They had a sea lion presentation which made the experience that much better and a exhibit of exotic animals open.

BK really knows how to party; I mean who would ever think to have a magazine party at a zoo? They got us drunk off beers and vodka, but then re-hydrated us with vitamin water (smart thinking). The crowd was great, a lot of writers, hipsters, and fashion people.  The venue was big, so even though there were a lot of people, it didn’t feel over crowded.  I think the only bad part was that I got lost trying to find the zoo (that park is huge).

It was a good experience and now I get to mark ‘party in a zoo’ off my bucket list!  Make sure to go pick up the summer issue of BK magazine. Until next event xoxo…

P.S. Belvedere has a new flavor (at least it’s new to me) called Lemon Tea… it is a GREAT summer drink!  I suggest all go and try it out!

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