Tragic Glamour In SoHo

So tonight I went to a pretty good (actually it was pretty great) event in SoHo at Pop International Gallery.  The event was a photo exhibit titled “Tragic Glamour”, which featured a photo exploration of designer, to the celebs, Richie Rich with Ross Higgins.  The photos were taken by Christopher Logan and styled by Derek Warburton.  It was a vodka open bar (YAY), with drinks provided by Medea Vodka.

The crowd was great, very very New York.  I swear New Yorkers get  away with any and everything.  If half of these people where in middle America, dressed the way they were, they would definitely be at very least stared at.  Here it is appreciated and admired to have your own sense of style, and to own it.  This is the main reasons why I love New York!  I love going to these types of events just to draw inspiration from the my surroundings and to people watch, also to drink!

The photos were very good and colorful.  The styling was amazing, I always wonder where they go shopping for these pieces and how can I find them!  They had a lot of other art work, which was just as cool.  I do not remember who else was being showcased (don’t shot me) but all of the art seemed to follow.  Pop gallery really has some good buyers!

Over all it was time well spent and drinks well drank (I don’t know if that is correct, but I like the flow of it, lol).  Until next event xoxo…

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