Spirit Tuesdays @ The Vault

I’m backkkkkkkk!!!!! Did you miss me ??????   I haven’t posted in almost a week an a half, sorry everyone, but I was busy enjoying the American holiday, 4th of July!  Any who I am back and I promise I have a lot in store for you all!  So lets get into it….

I started the night off at the Vault, inside of Plaffs in SoHo, for their “Spirit Tuesdays“.  This is an event that happens every Tuesday (well almost every Tuesday).  The event allows you to taste classic and rare liquors, and gives you a brief lesson on the value of the sampled alcohol.  Liquor testing in the city, you don’t have to say anymore!

Tonight liquors was 10 Cane Rum, a very smooth Trinidadian imported rum.  Made with first pressed sugar cane and made by the Moet-Hennessy group; so you know this rum was very good (and strong)!  It is called 10 Cane, because it takes 10 sugar canes to make one bottle (Snapple fact)!

Now the Vault is a wonderful space, very old-school modern dim lit type of atmosphere; I mean the menu is on newspaper, that is very old-school modern, no one reads the paper anymore, lol.  They have different tasting on Tuesdays for “Spirit Tuesday” and also have a wine tasting every Wednesday, “Wine Wednesday”.  The have delicious hors d’oeuvres in addition to the drinks.  The best part is that it is all free!!!!! The Vault itself is perfect for a date, but Tu & W nights are perfect for going there with friends.  I would also suggestif you do go on these nights for a date; set the date for 8, but get there at 7, do the tasting and get tipsy and by the time your date comes you won’t be on the edge!  I am so smart :-), LOL.

Check out the Vault @ http://vaultatpfaffs.com and make sure to go to their next event!  Until next event xoxo…

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