BET’s Music Matters Showcase

After having drinks at the Vault, I headed down the block to Santos Party House, for the BET presents Music Matters Showcase.  Now for some reason BET has the rep of “never getting anything right”, so I was a bit hesitant about this event.  I mean I knew that big names like J. Cole, Miguel, and Melanie Fiona, have all been apart of Music Matters, but I wasn’t sure what acts BET would bring up this go around.

I am glad I got over my hesitation and attended this event.  It was sponsored by Remy Martin and hosted by Vanessa Fraction (who was very funny) and Butta Man; funny host and free drinks always makes for a good time.  I don’t know where BET found these artists, but I am glad they put me on to them.  Each artist had a different style and vibe which made this showcase one of the best I’ve been to all year.  All the artists brought their A+ game, and even had me doing a small two step.

The first artist was a Brooklyn raised artist name Proclaim.  This hip-hop artist really worked the crowd. You can follow him @proclaimnyc.  Here is his remix to Chris Brown’s “Strip”:

The next artist was all the way from the UK and she was AMAZING.  Her voice was simply beautiful.  Her name you ask… Rachel Kerr.  She came out with an E.P. – “Back To Music” – at the top of this year and it is available on Itunes.  You can follow her at @rachelkerrmusic.  Here she performing her single “Hold My Hand”

The next artist who goes by Dunson and is from Maryland.  He has a pretty interesting story, he use to work in investment banking, but decided to quit his good paying job to focus on what he loves = music (can you say motivational).  With his flows and stage presence, I am sure he will make it pretty far in the industry.  His new mixtape “The Investment” drops 7/31.  Follow him @kentondunson.  Here is his video for his song “Count On It”:

Last and definitely worth the wait, was a Harlem singer/rapper who just inked a deal with Epic Records, he goes by Deon Young.  Boy did he bring the energy, voice, and crowd!  His music was dope, almost reminded me of Trey Songz at his peak (you know the Ready days), his mixtape “For The Love” is currently out and from the songs he performed it sounds like a great listen.  I can see him going all the way UP.  Follow him @deonforever.  Here is his song “Blackin Out”:

Next time someone tells me “BET can’t do anything right” I will quickly correct them.  All these artist were great and they all earned a fan!  Until next event xoxo..

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