Vampire Life Pop Up Shop

Time for shopping 🙂 🙂 !!!! Yesterday I went to the Vampire Life pop-up shop at Poppington in LES.  This was underground central.  They had red beer, a small skate park, photography by Raquel M. Horn, and indie duo Mckenzie Eddy & Kat perform.

Vampire life is the clothing line that Jim Jones and Damon Dash are a part of.  I found out that the name kind of goes in line with the whole vampire theme, sleep all day and come alive in the night.  They had some really cool pieces and I could definitely see it being rocked, especially by skaters.   It is not my personal style, but I would wear a shirt or two.

Overall it was a chill event with cool people.  I probably lost a good pound because it was so hot, but I need to shed a pound or two so who cares!  Until next event xoxo..

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