Literacy Upstart

So yesterday, in Williamsburg, BK at the Wythe Hotel, the show down of the century happened– L Magazine presented: The final round of the annual Literacy Upstart.  Five contestants read their original short stories in front of four judges and a room full of people.  All for the chance to take home the crown of best short story writer in NYC and to get their work published!

Are you calling me a geek yet???? LOL

In all seriousness this event was actually really fun and it was a great break from all the other events I have been attending.  Listening to the different short stories was great and very interesting.  Although I didn’t catch their names, all of the authors were good in their own right!  The judges, Ben Greenman, Cal Morgan, Luis Jaramillo, & Katherine Faussset, are all pretty big in the literacy industry (is that the correct title?) and were well qualified to be judging this competition.

Being here really confirmed my belief that I have ADHD, I would hear one word from the readers and my mind would completely go in a whole other direction (did someone say chicken?), not returning to the room until I heard people laugh.  NOTE TO SELF: Get that checked!  But any who it was a great event, filled with trendy people!  This was actually the 8th year of this competition, so if your in NY next year, make sure to check it out!  I wonder who won this one (I had to head out early)???? Maybe one of you readers were in the building also and can tell me :-)…

Until the next event xoxo

P.S. — Check out this website to download a free collection of 40 stories for your e-reader –>


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