Courtside Couture 2012

So as all the sports heads know, this week is NBA draft week; like any draft week, NYC is on FIRE with events (and groupies lol).  Tonight, I had the chance to attend a stylish event held at the Porsche Design Store in SoHo.  Style expert, Priscilla Monteiro, styled NBA hopefuls (sorry I was late and didn’t get all of their names) in Porsche Design wear.

The men strutted down the aisle like pros and were all dressed to a tee; who knew that Porsche designed cute clothes (can we say shopping trip?).  The event had drinks by Forever Young Wine and Alacran Tequila, I never heard of any of the two, but they both served their purpose deliciously.  The crowd was great– a lot of networking going on.  I heard that select VIPs were provided car service in cars provided by Porsche Panamera; looks like they forgot one VIP(kidding!).  They really took care of everyone, some more than the others (as deserved lol), but overall it was a GREAT event.

Everyone knows in my book stylish people, good drinks and good music always makes for a great event.

I wish all the NBA hopefuls good luck!  Also if you are in NYC I hope you make it to an NYC draft event, you might meet the next Lebron!  Until next event xoxo..


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