Extreme Dreamers Anniversary Party

So on Thursday (I know that is a while ago, but I’ve been soooooo busy) I trucked myself all the way to Harlem.  Yes Harlem, I know that in the events ‘guide book’ that is a no-no, but this event was actually great.  Held at the (FAMOUS) Harlem School Of Arts, Extreme Dreamers (an online magazine) hosted their 1 year anniversary party.  They also honored some notable people, inducting them into their ‘Class of 2012’.

They honored fellow bloggers (well they are really blogger extraordinaire) Rae Holliday and Gabriel Williams of StuffFlyPeopleLike.com; National AIDS activist, Maria Davis; K. Foxx of the Hot97 Morning Show; Radio Personality and Comedian, Ed Lover; and a couple of more.  The venue was extremely nice, I wish I went to a school like that, I probably would have never left.  Though it was hot as all hecks, once the sun went dowm, it wasn’t that bad.

The event had wonderful sponsors, the ladies got a free pole dancing class certificate (UBER JEALOUS), it was also open bar.  Over all it was a great time spent and I am glad I made the trip ALL the way up there!

Until next event xoxo…

P.S. Harlem isn’t really that bad, I just like talking about it since I am a BK’er 😛


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