2012 Hampton’s Kick Off Party

So tonight was a pretty good night! Let’s just say I was suppose to go to three events all between the hours of 6-9pm, I only made it to one (I need to hirer staff)! But the first event was really good and I’m glad I stayed

I went to The Hampton’s welcoming party, which was held in the Upper East-side.  They re-created The Hamptons outside a fabulous apartment complex, and brought everything Hamptons to this event.  With drinks (Bombay gin and delicious wine), amazing finger food, and even facials, this party really was a good way to end spring and welcome summer.

The event had a great environment, but what made it worth its wile was the networking.  I got to connect with great people who I knew, but really didn’t know.  When I looked around it seemed the people who were having the most fun had a good group of colleagues around. The event set-up was the perfect environment to networking and mingling.

I’m sure the other events where beyond FAB, but I felt good being at this event.  I always kick myself when I am not able to attend all my events, but I am glad it wasn’t for some dumb reason (like a friend had issues or I was too tired or I go caught up with non-sense).  Over all it was a great event and a great networking opportunity.

Please check out the following:

My friend Aminah Imani who is a comedian that host a monthly comedy show (one is today, 6/20, at 830pm at the 3$ tavern) – http://wrecklesswednesdays.tumblr.com

My fellow blogger who has an amazing blog about NYC – http://www.exclusivekat.com/

& a foodie who can tell you all the hottest food venues in NYC – http://urbanfoodprint.com/

Until next event xoxo…


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