New Music Seminar Opening Night Party

So tonight was the kick off party for the “New Music Seminar” (which is going on this week in NYC) and I was there to participate in the madness!  Since June 13th, New Music Week, has been going on, but tonight kicked off NMS New York Music Festival, which is basically a series of concerts through our NYC, bringing new artist to light (kind of confusing I know)!

Tonight’s event, had performances from a variety of artist in different genres of music (hip-hop, indie rock, electronic, and everything else).  When I first walked in, I thought I was in a rave!  The group Alek Sandar and Yozmit were performing, and boy did they put on a show.  I could try to explain it, but not sure I would do it justice!  I also got to see Diane Birch perform, who I had never heard of, but I fell in love with her sound.  Pianist Evan Shinners also performed, while I was there.

The event had a lot of major sponsors, including BMI, PBR, Cabo Wabo Tequila, Q104.3, Clear Channel, and Arizona Tea; to name a few.  The crowd was very diverse, which made sense because the music was very diverse.  It was held at Webster Hall, I am pretty sure every one who lives in NYC, Jersey, Long Island, and anywhere else near NYC has been too.  Overall I had fun and it was a good event; I would highly suggest you go to at least one of the events!

For a list of the concerts click here!

For a list of the other events click here!

Until next event… xoxo


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