Art21 presents New York Close Up: Outdoor Summer Film Fest

So tonight I went to a very chill event, that was unexpectedly interesting.  Art21 in collaboration with The Armory Show & The Griddy City held a small event at Hotel Eventi, showing a series of short films.  Each film gave insight to different artist and helped shed light on the New York art scene (which is already huge, not mainstream, but huge). 

They had a big screen outside and a smaller theater in the hotel playing the movies.  I sat inside, since it was cold in NYC today.  The theater was pretty cool and chill.  The films were pretty interesting.  They all lead me to the question; what makes someone an artist?

Some of the artist show cased in the films, in my opinion, weren’t that special.  I am sure we have all been to a museum and saw a gallery and thought to ourselves “I could of done that”, after some of the videos, I thought the same thing.  It is almost like what is the difference between art/creativity and someone who is just making a mess or just making noise. I guess the beautiful thing about us humans, is we all see things creatively different and just because I might see something that is hideous, a friend can see a master piece.

Overall it was a good event, with some great short films.  I highly suggest you check out future Art21 events.  Here is a link to their website –  Feel free to answer the my question ‘What makes someone an artist?’ below.  Until next event xoxo…


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