Nas “Life Is Good” Album Listening Party

So no doubt when ever you hear top 5 MC’s, the name Nas comes up.  To some he is number one to others he is number five, but I have never heard him not in the top five at least.  So you can not imagine how excited I was to be able to attend his album release party in is home state!  Queens was in the building and Nas made sure everyone had a great time.

The event was held at the Sky Room of the Bowery Museum and had a open bar featuring Hennessy, Belvedere and Corona, which is always great.  A lot of industry people were in the building, to support the man of the hour.  As Nas said “this is some ghetto shit”, but it was definitely the good ghetto, that had everyone having a great time.  Swizz Beats helped Nas make sure the party kept going and that people were having fun.

Nas’s new album “Life Is Good” is a BANGER!  I am not a hip hop head at all, but I do appreciate good music, and he really brought it with this album.  I don’t know if it was because of the atmosphere(or drinks), but I was literally hyped off every song.  I know I will be clicking that ‘Buy Now’ button on Itunes on July 17th, when the album comes out!  So good to hear that old school hip hop playing, that real street real talk kind of music.

Overall it was a great night and I am glad I was able to attend.  This have a new respect for Nas and his talent, and he definitely reminded me why he is considered one of the best hip-hop artist alive.  Check out the video for his latest single below.  Until next event xoxo…

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