Ojon Celebrates: Art, Music and Beauty

Last night I went to a beyond fabulous event that had a breathe taking view of NYC.  Ojon, a beauty and hair care product, hosted an event filled with art, music and beautiful people at the Standard Hotel.  Not only was the crowd beautiful, but the view was AMAZING, you could see ALL of NYC and Jersey.

Melanie Fiona was their official host of the evening, and she was great.  She didn’t act like some snobby accomplished singer, she actually interacted with the crowd, took pictures with people; you would have thought she knew everyone in the building (but with open bar, by the end of the night everyone knows everyone in the building).  The event had beautiful photography by Andrew Dosunmu and had live art by Amanda Seales.  This event could not have been any better!

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and really networking.  I mean who could be grumpy with a breath taking view, good music and good company?  I got the chance to sit and talk to eye-wear designer extraordinaire Coco & Breezy, and for them to be so young, they are really bright and beautiful spirits.  You can tell they are really passionate about their craft, and are working hard to take their brand to the next level.  It was inspiring to talk to people so young, yet so accomplished, who are still so hungry for more!

Over all it was a great night, I can not believe I almost stayed home.  I meet a lot of cool people and wouldn’t have changed it for the world…  Please go out and buy Melanie Fiona’s new album “The MF LIfe” it really is a GREAT listen.  Also check out Ojon, I hear their products works miracles for your hair ladies! Until next event… xoxo


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