Reebok Classics & Complex Magazine Presents “Classic Concert Series w/ Rakim”

So tonight I had the chance to see a hip hop legend grace the stage and perform his hits.  Complex Magazine and Reebok Classics brought all the hip hops heads out to Joe’s Pub in NoHo to see hip hop legend Rakim perform, and boy did he perform.  I never realized how well-respected Rakim is, before I went to the event, I googled him and found out that he tops a lot of different media outlets top MCs list.

The Classic Concert series has held many classic acts and they continued their tradition by bringing this legend to the stage.  He performed true to the game, with not a bunch of people on stage, just him and the DJ (why is it in NY the DJs love to talk so much over the tracks?) and he brought that raw energy to the stage.   He performed all his classic joints and had everyone in the crowd flowing along, you can tell that people really respect him and that he really respect’s his craft.  Though he has been in the industry for over 25 years, he still performed like he is an eager young rapper reaching for the crown.

Overall it was a great time, even the venue was perfect.  Small enough to make it intimate, but big enough to not make you feel like your standing on top of people.  I had fun getting a hip hop lesson, and now I can add one more legend I have seen perform in NYC to my list  Until next event xoxo….

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