Eric Benet Album Release Party

So last night, I had the pleasure of attending another fab event.  R&B hit maker and Grammy winner Eric Benet held an album release party for his newest album “The One”, which came out June 5th.  The Porsche Design Store in SoHo was packed with people who came to see the R&B vet hit the stage.

Sponsored by TY KU cocktails and Bruvado cocktails, I had never heard of these drinks and they were actually good.  I actually learned something new, that I could not wait to share with you all. * DRUM ROLLS *  I learned the difference between Sake & Soju;  Sake is more of a healthier wine and Soju is a healthier vodka (don’t act like you knew that already)!  Any who the event was hosted by Jeffrey “Cousin Jeff” Johnson of BET & now MSNBC.  I have to be honest, I did not know that Eric Benet had a new album out, I didn’t even know he had a new single out (I blame Ipods, they make it so easy to not keep up with the latest songs out).

Even though Benet only performed two songs, he still put on a good show.  He performed a new song and his classic hit “Georgy Porgy”.  The crowd really went crazy when he performed Georgy Porgy, he even had us singing Faith Evans part.  His newest album, The One, is currently number 1 on the Itunes R&B chart, so go out and support him and keep it up there!

Over all it was a great night and I will definitely be checking out his new album, hope you all do too!  Until next event xoxo…

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