Our Top NYC Brunches

So since summer is among us, I decided to list my top brunches in NYC.  As you know it is an unwritten rule (in NYC) that you must do brunch at VERY least once a month, I mean just for the nostalgia of it!  Some things to keep in mind:

  • If it is not bottomless drinks  then don’t go, it is a WASTE (unless you don’t drink)!
  • Since summer is approaching, not all outdoor restaurants are great; the hot muggy weather + alcohol doesn’t always sit well!
  • Try to go to a place with prices around the same; easier to split bill (make sure to bring cash)!
  • The funnier your crowd, the better the experience; I mean whats the purpose of going with someone who will just complain and not really drink?
  • DO GET TOO DRUNK, you don’t want to be the one taking the walk of shame out of the restaurant in the middle of the day.
  • Making reservations always makes thing’s easier!  Just be on time!

There is no particular order so here are my personal faves:

1) CALiU Tapas (West Village) – 557 Hudson Street – (SA-SU) 11:30am to 5pm – $25-$30 : This place food is amazing!!!!  Every time I go I leave satisfied, full, and drunk.  It is very low-key, so it can be really quiet, which is always great (esp if you already have a hang over).  They do unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Marys, & Sangria, they have an amazing Watermelon Sangria. Favorite item – Chorizo Sandwich.

2) Poco (Alphabet City) – 33 Ave B – (SA-SU) 12pm to 4pm?? – $25-$30 : Simply a hidden gem, that is delicious.  Well it is not really hidden, but it truly is a gem!  It has two floors, I prefer the 2nd floor (it is underground; less people and more homey).  You can also sit outside, it you want.  They also do unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Marys, & Sangria.  They have more a mature party crowd, so you will have fun, but it is kind of hard to hear since so much chatter is going on.  Favorite item – Lobster Mac & Cheese (the BEST)!

3) Scottadito (Park Slope – Brooklyn) – 788 Union St – (SA-SU) 11am to 4pm – $20-$25 : A great Italian restaurant with a lot to offer. The food is amazing, you can get pasta *hint hint*.  It is in BK, so for me it is around the corner.  They also have two floors, and a outdoor garden.  The crowd is pretty mellow, more of a mature BK crowd and not the hipster scene.  Favorite item – Uova Benedette!

4) LIPS, NYC (Mid-town) – 227 East 56th Street – (SA-SU) 12pm to 4pm (reservation only and they only seat you at certain times) – $20-$25 : This place is the best!!!! The food is ok, nice portions, but the food isn’t the best.  What makes it so great is the drag show they have.  They put on a full show of all your favorite Broadway classics.  I mean it is just wonderful.  You will definitely leave in awe and ready to really party.  Their model is “The drunker you are, the better we look” so that tells you a lot!  You will have a blast and for the price, you can not beat it!  Since it is a show, you have to stay until 4pm, so if you are in a rush, this might not be your place!

5) Calle Ocho (Upper West-side) – 45 West 81st Street – (SA-SU) 12pm to 4pm (reservation only) – $20-$25 :  You can not go wrong here.  They are A) cheap, B) right next to Central Park, C) has 8 different (I REPEAT 8) types of Sangria.  What more could you ask for?  It is a Cuban restaurant, so all dishes are Spanish.  The only draw back (which actually makes it better) is you have to make a reservation months in advance.  They get so busy, that it takes a while to get a reservation.  But the good thing is, when you go there it isn’t crowded and you don’t feel like you are sitting on top of people.  Great for a b-day brunch!  The food is also very fulfilling, so be prepared to be stuffed and DRUNK!  Favorite item – Burrito Sucio w/ a side of Calle Ocho Home Fries!

6) Hudson River Cafe (Harlem) – 697 West 133rd Street – (SA-SU) 11:30am to 4pm – $25-$30 : This is a great place simply because it is huge.  You aren’t going to feel like your on top of people nor feel like people are in your space.  It has a great view of the Hudson River.  Not to mention the food, is simply GREAT, unlimited mimosas (try the coconut one)! They have a live Jazz band and out door seating.  Definitely fun, because it is not only a great brunch place, but it is also a great Sunday-Funday place!  Favorite item – Shrimp and Grits!

7) The Moo Life Group (all though out NYC) – Bondi Road (Lower East-side); The Sunburnt Cow (Alphabet City); The Sunburnt Calf (Upper East-side);The Sunburnt Calf BK (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn) – (SA-SU) 11am to 4pm – $20-$25 : This restaurant group has really mastered the art of brunch and day party all in one.  All restaurants are pretty much the same, just different scenery.  They have DJs, hung over people still looking to party, and you are guaranteed to have a BLAST. They do unlimited mimosa, moo mary’s, greyhounds, & screwdrivers; the food is excellent, but with that drink selection you can’t go wrong! They get you drunk and ensure you have a blast.  Favorite item – Aussie Lot Burger!

Overall these are all great restaurants.  It really just depends on how you feel and your crowd.  I personally say do brunch every weekend and try EACH AND EVERY ONE!!!! Let me know if your favorite brunch place isn’t on here; because I am always looking for different brunch spots :-).

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