Madagascar 3 Private Screening

So yesterday, while I was stuffing my face and getting day drunk, families had the chance to see a private screening of “Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted” (out this Friday, June 9th) hosted by Angela Yee (of Power 105) and Mona Lee Scott (VH1’S ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ executive producer).  I wish I could of made it , it seemed like a great time and I do want to see the movie!  They even had a scavenger hunt for the families after the screening at Central Park’s Zoo, now thats my type of party.  From what I hear the movie is actually pretty funny and it doesn’t disappoint! Check out some pictures below.  Overall it seemed like a great time, and I am kind of sad I missed it!

Don’t forget to go check out the newest Madagascar film (you know I will be there, one because I am a big kid, two because I love Jada Pinkett-Smith) in theaters this Friday! Until next event…

P.S. I saw “Snow White and The Huntsman” this weekend and it was shockingly REALLY GOOD!  I suggest you check that one out too!

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