Day Life, BBQ Grand Slam, & More Street Fairs

So today was a street fair type of Sunday!  I started off with going to “The Day Life” in Lower East Side.  It was a three block street fair put on by DUB Studios and Lower East Side BID (oh they fancy on that side of town), filled with various vendors.  They also had different activities set up such as ping pong and badminton, yes people were actually getting competitive out there!  The highlights of this fair was that Scratch Academy had a booth set up that allowed you to do street art on a vinyl disc, and it was free, pretty damn awesome!  There was also a 8 (at most 10) year old spinning, he was better than most DJ’s I’ve partied too! It really shocked the hell out of me, and by the look on the crowd’s face he drew, it shocked everyone else too!

After Day Life, I headed over Williamsburg to “The Grand Slam: BBQ Competition” hosted by The Grand Street Alliance.  It was another street fair with various vendors, but this one had vendors competing for ‘best BBQ station’.  Though it wasn’t in full effect because it was raining off and on, it was still a blast.  They had various types of bbq station, yes even a pulled-pork bbq taco station.  The best part – they weren’t that expensive, all the vendors I went to were reasonably price and very good!  I don’t think the competition was actually going on and they had to cut off the music, because of the rain, but it was still a great time.

After filling up on bbq, I headed a couple of blocks down to a flea market on the water front.  It was funny because a couple of the food vendors at Grand Slam, were at the flea market, and were more expensive (go figure).  It is always great to get some vintage shopping in and this was the place to do it!  I believe the flea market is every Sunday, so if your ever in Williamsburg make you check it out!  Go here to check out the different markets going on this summer!

Even though the weather tried to ruin the day, it still was a great day.  Boy I love Sunday Fundays!  Until next event!!!

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