The Do-Over takes over DeKalb Market!

So yesterday was another Sunday Funday!!!!!  The Do-Over, an international outdoor party that originally started in LA (WOOT WOOT), took over the DeKalb Market in Downtown BK.

The DeKalb Market is already a very trendy place, so it was no surprise that The Do-Over took over.   The market was packed and the trendsetters were out!  Everyone was having a good time, listening to the music (which was really good), eating at the various vendors, drinking, what more could you ask for????

It was time well spent and I had a blast!  This is one of those places where your crew makes or breaks your time spent. You come with a group of people who are social, like to have a good time, and ready to mingle; you will definitely have a great time!  You come with people who just want to be seen, then you probably won’t have that great of a time.

I’m glad I was able to make it and that the people I was with made sure we had a good time.  What a good way to bring in Memorial Day!!!!

Until next event!!!


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  1. […] one more found of outdoor fun. If you remember the Do Over was here in May to kick off the summer, see here.  This time, they took over The Well in Bushwick, and the place was packed!  There were at least […]

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