Inspired In New York Honors Nigel Barker & Mike Ruiz

After the Guinness event, I headed further downtown to Tribeca for the Inspired In New York event,  held at the Toro Lounge inside the Smyth Hotel.  The event was a charity event for the organization Cover Girls For Change, 46664, which helps in the fight against HIV/AIDS for women.  The event also honored Nigel Barker and Mike Ruiz, both famed photographers, humanitarians, and TV personalities (Barker is from America’s Next Top Model and Ruiz is from The A-list New York).

This was a wonderful way to end my night.  The room was filled with successful driven people, mostly in the fashion industry.  Though the space was a little too small (or the crowd was two large), the ambiance of the venue made it perfect.  It was wonderful because you could actually mingle with everyone, including the two men of the hour.

I love being in a room filled with people who are living their dreams.  The energy in the room was motivating and really inspiring.  To hear all about these two individuals and how they have come so far was very inspiring.  I also loved listening to them speak; you could really hear the passion in their voices.  Even listening to the founder of Inspiring In New York speak was enough to refuel my passion.

Over all I am glad I was able to attend, though I had to cut out early, it was still time well spent!

Until next event xoxo…


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