Guinness Believers Event

After a long day, I got to treat myself!  I went to the Guinness ‘Believer’ event in Chelsea.   It was a private party introducing the new types of Guinness beer.   Can you say SCORE!

When I walked up the line was long (& you know how I feel about long lines) but I notice it was moving fast, so I hoped on in.  They were very good at making sure the line went fast and everyone was getting checked in!  Once everyone was in, the presentation and tasting started.

I forgot the host name (my bad), but he was perfect!  He was funny and wasn’t boring at all.  Normally at these things, you can’t wait for the speaker to get off the stage, but I really didn’t mind him.  They even got the crowd to interact by having small contest, like who can pour the best tap.  The crowd was very diverse, young to older, professionals to hipsters, and everything else in between, which means it was a GREAT place to network.

We got to try a couple of the different beers, my favorite was the Foreign Extra Stout.  I do not know the technical terms, sorry I just recently became a beer drinker, but this Stout had a smooth taste to it!

Next time I am out I will think twice when I order a beer, I usually only get Stella or Heineken, and tap I get Yuengling.  Now I have a new beer (does happy dance)!  They also introduced the crowd to a new website/app –, which basically does what its name says, shows you where your local pubs are.

Over all it was a GREAT way to unwind from my day and I had a blast!

One Response to “Guinness Believers Event”
  1. Chris Robert says:

    A meeting for drunks!

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