The Great Googa Mooga

After doing the AIDS walk, I headed over to BK’s prospect park for the Great Googa Mooga.  Boy was this a great way to end my day!!!! Over 4,000 people were at the festival and over 50 food vendors.  Today was the 2nd day, The Roots performed the first day and I missed it :-(, but I am still GLAD I was able to attend.

Let me tell you, I haven’t eaten this much in such a long time and the best part – EVERYTHING I ate was ON POINT!  I did not even care if my belly was sticking out because it was all about the food!  The vendors were great because they all had specialty items, so the lines moved very quick (but this also made you want to try everything, which could be really expensive).  People didn’t have to wait to get to the front to decide what they want, most vendors had 1 or 2 items and maybe a drink.

I don’t remember the names of the places I ate at, but I had a lot of food and great variety.  My favorite was the crawfish mac & cheese and also the roasted corn nachos.  My favorite dessert was the deep fried cheesecake!

They had plenty of stages set up and had various performers.  Over all it was a great way to kick off festival season!!!! If you do not know anything about NY summers, let me tell you this, there is ALWAYS something fun, outdoor, and FREE to go to!  This just got me sooo excited for what is to come!!!

Until next event !!!


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