AIDS WALK – 2012

Yesterday I had the honor of walking in the New York AIDS Walk.  I believe every city has one, I have done the San Fran one before, but for some reason I feel like NY is where it started and is the biggest.  I could be (and probably am) totally wrong, but that’s my truth until proven wrong lol.  I have always wanted to participate in the NY version of the walk, even before I moved out here, so I was extremely excited and happy that I was able to do it.

It is a great cause and raises a LOT of money for the fight against HIV/Aids.  It has already raised $6+ million and a reported 45,000 people walked.  The crowd was very diverse and everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves and having fun.  I am glad I was finally able to participate and can’t wait for next years!

Until next time xoxo….

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