Rooftops, Fashion, and Champagne

So last night I went to a rooftop party at XVI Lounge in Hells Kitchen.  A nice spacious venue, that over looked the west-side, Jersey skyline, and all of the lights in Times Square.  This was such a great way to kick off rooftop party season!

I was surrounded by fashionable people, good music, and great drinks!  It was the Billionaire Row’s Champagne launch party.  This event was more on the upscale side, so yes I felt under dress again (but this time I semi fit in).  See it I am more of a downtown dresser, and this was more of a mid-town dresser party, and to be honest I was too tired to really care, LOL.

There was a mini fashion show put on by Caeli NYC and Bahnhouse Models.  It was women’s fashions and mostly upscale dresses, which were actually a great touch to the party.  They also had live body paint going on, so you could see the wonderful artwork come to life.  All of this turned this party from a regular rooftop party to an extravagant rooftop lounge.

As you can tell/see this was a great way to start rooftop party season, where else would I have gotten such great entertainment?  I mean the DJ and drinks were entertaining enough, but the live body art show and fashion show definitely made it that much better!  So glad I didn’t stay in and indulge in my laziness, which was very tempting!  Hope you guys are ready for NYC’s summer!!!!!!

Until next event…

Cover photo generously taken from 🙂

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