Presice Album Release Party!

Last night felt like a blast from the past.   I went to Presice‘s LP release party for his newest LP “Sound Therapy”.  It was at the infamous Santos Party House in SoHo, when I first moved here this was the place all of my friends would talk about!  It was hosted by the young and trendy eyewear designers Coco & Breezy and by Lowkey of

There was a lot of young raw hip-hop talent that performed (mostly New York natives) including Audra the Rapper, James Rich, R.O.B., Nello Lucini, and of course the man of the hour Presice.  They all held it down and had great energy on stage, you could tell they were all passionate about their music and want to succeed.  The crowd was very interactive and seem to be feeling everyone.  I felt like I was behind because I didn’t know some of the songs.

Now I know I am not too old, but for some reason everyone looked so young last night, I think it was a 18+ crowd.  It wasn’t a bad thing since it brought that young free spirit energy vibe to the event (which brought back memories of my ‘wild’ days).  The DJ knew what he was doing and played all the classic and new cuts, everyone was dancing at one point or another.  Staten Island was fully represented!  I have never seen so many SI people in a building before.  I guess they don’t get out much so when they do, they come deep and ready to party (LOL don’t hate me SI people).

Overall it was a good night.  Check out Preside newest LP “Sound Therapy” out now.  Until next event…

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