Cannes Cinema Club Takes Tribeca

Did you miss me?????  It has been a very good week off, but I am back and I have a lot of great events lined up… NYC is about to be on FIRE!!!!!

Any who last night I went to a fabulous event,  held at Tribeca Cinemas.  Stella Artois (yes the best beer ever) hosted a party for the Cannes Cinema Club.  Lets start off with when I walked up I felt totally under dress.  The invite said classic “Ocean Elevens” theme, but I didn’t think people actually read it!  Here I am with bright jeans, a t-shirt and a beanie on, and everyone else is dressed in stylish cocktail hour wear.   But never the less, I held my head high and said a small prayer hoping I would be allowed in, LOL.

This event was fab, they really brought back the Rat Pack era,  actually they literally brought the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, and my fav Audrey Hepburn.  They had gambling tables set up where you could gamble with your Stella dollars, and had a Jazz band.  Everyone was in dress in character, even the bartenders and bus boys, looked like a blast from the past.

When you walked in they gave you a bracelet, it was a ribbon and a little Stella tab connected to it, in no way did it look technical.  They had people walking around with Android phones taking pictures and had a photo area where you could get dressed up and take professional pictures.  When they would tap the phone onto your Stella tab, your picture would automatically appear on your Facebook page.  It was sooooo neat, I have never seen anything like it.  Somehow the picture would get sent from the professional camera to the Android phone and once they tap your Stella tab, like magic the picture was on your FB wall!  It was amazing, I was in awe!

They had a showing of the original “Ocean Elevens”, so if you wanted to,  you could go grab some popcorn, candy, and a Stella and watch it or you could have just stay out in the lounge to drink and mingle.  Lastly (yes it gets even better) they had free luxury car service provided by the app Uber!

It was such a great Saturday night!  I knew I loved Stella for a reason, they know how to treat a drunk :-)!  Until next event xoxo

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