Video Game Party @ The Beats By Dre Store

Yesterday, I went to a kick back at the Beats by Dre store in SoHo (well not really an actual kick back, but that is what I am calling it).  It was a party for the video game Skullgirls, they had a live DJ, drinks provided by the exclusive Cavoda Vodka, and of course a set up to play the game of the hour!

Now many of you (very few do) might not know this, but the only video games I love to play are fighting ones!  Yes I was a Street Fight, Mortal Combat, Marvel vs Capcom FAN.  I could sit for hours playing these games, so when I saw that Skullgirls was the same type of concept, my inner gamer almost jumped out! They even had these huge controllers, which made the game look that much better.  I had to restrain myself because I get very competitive playing these games, in other words I will use every foul word known to man while playing, so I just watched from afar.

The event was pretty good, it wasn’t a huge crowd, but the right people were there.  I made some connections, which is always good.  I had never been to the Beats by Dre store, seems that I have been really missing out, this store is pretty dope.  I was tempted to put a pair of the headphones in my bag; they are so awesome, expensive, but awesome!  So I guess the real question is: Who wants to buy me some Beats by Dre (red please)?

Overall, it was a great little kick back :-).  Until next time!


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