Black Enterprise Host “Black Blogger Month” Kick Off

Last night was a glorious night,  filled with bright lights, glitter, and happiness all over!!! Just a beautiful night!!!! Okay I’m overexerting a lot, but the night was fun :-).  I went to the Black Enterprise “Black Blogger Month Kickoff” hosted by The PR Circle; sidenote – am I the only one who is wondering were all these months come from and who makes them up?  Any ways it was held at the newly renovated 40/40 club in Flatiron, which actually made the event that much better.

The event honored top black bloggers (so in my mind I was honored also) and it was a huge networking event.  A lot of prominent people were in the building and everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

The 40/40 club was actually much nicer than I expected.  I had never been before it re-opened, but I heard it was just a small fancy sports bar, this was totally not the case.  Everything was on point, even the DJ (who played my new guilty pleasure song that I’m embarrassed to admit that I love).  The waiters were kind of snobby, which I didn’t mind since it weirdly fit the environment.  Trendy people plus trendy spot also makes for a good time!

Ciroc sponsored the event, so it was open bar, which always helps people network.  Since it seemed most people knew each other, I sat in the back and thought of ways to interrupt people conversation so I could introduce myself.  Luckily the event got packed and people were sitting near me so I just start chatting with them, which worked perfectly!

Overall it was a great event and I’m glad I went (I almost didn’t go since TWO of my friends flaked on me SMH), but I have learned never let others stop me from enjoying myself!

Until next time xoxo!!!

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