Sunday Funday!

So today, I totally had a Sunday Finest *valley girl voice*! It started off with brunch, at a dragtastic place called LIPS in Midtown.  This was like no other brunch I ever been to.  For one it is a show, they mimic famous broadway shows and also joke with the people in the audience.  For two they love getting you drunk, their model is “the drunker you are the better we look”.  Last, but most important, it is hosted by drag queens!!!

It was soooooo much fun.  Soon as you walk in you know your in for a good time.  They keep you entertained from begining to end. They are all so friendly and actually talk to you like your good girlfriends.  The food was great, but the laughs were even better.  This is definitely one of the best brunchs I’ve been too, and the best part is it is only 25$.

After my fabulous time with the lovely ladies at LIPS, I headed to Chelsea to first go to a new coffee spot called Koffeecake Corner.  This place is so cute, definitely a great study/work place, plus they have nutella fraps :-).

After spending time there, I headed over to the High Line.  I have never heard of this place and let me tell you it is a hidden gem.  It is so amazing, it is like an oasis inside of NYC.  You can see the city, Chelsea peir, the Hudson, Jersey, it is just so beautiful.  They have places to sit and lounge and vendors selling goodies.  I actually forgot I was in NYC, that is how great it is.  Just an amazing place to chill, relax and unwind. I will be hitting this spot up ALOT this summer, hope to see some of you there!

This day was such a great way to start my week and guess how I ended it…. By doing what everyone loves …. *drum rolls*


Until next time xoxo

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