EA x Virgin Gaming Challenge

So yesterday, was a pretty packed day, I was all over the place.  But I did get to make a stop at this event in Hells Kitchen, and it was definitely worth it.  I went to the EA Sport Challenge Series Final, sponsored by Virgin games and Nos energy drink and held at Terminal 5.  For all you sport gamers, this was the place to be.

Three levels of nothing but PS3 and PS Vistas, big screen tvs, and all type of EA gaming going on.  They had three competitions going on; FIfA, NHL, & of course NFL.  They were also giving out a lot of prices,  I believe I over heard the grand prize was 1 million dollars, but I might be wrong (I hope I am because if that’s the case, I should of been playing, instead of taking pictures).  Jadakiss and Just Blaze were even in the building, and performed, I didn’t see them because I had to jet to a friends B-Day party, but I heard they tore down the house.

I must say for someone who doesn’t really play video games, especially sports ones, I really had fun seeing all the competitions going on.  One game was so intense I was even routing for my team, GO COWBOYS!  I tried to play the Vista, key word TRIED, I had no clue on what I was doing and didn’t release that it was touch screen until after 5 minutes of messing with it, smh.  I thought I would see people argue, because you know some video games can get really intense, but everyone kept their cool and no big blow outs happen.  Plus they had plenty of ‘refs’ and ‘cheerleaders’ walking around making sure everyone was enjoying themselves.

Overall it was a great day event.  I am happy I was there and I really enjoyed myself!  What a way to end my week!

Until next event besos!


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