The Juntos Contruyendo Network Social Media Launch Event

So yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event.  The Juntos Contruyendo (Building Together), a program of The Latino Commission On Aids, had a launch party for their new website.   The event was great simply because they had open bar and free food!  JOKING!!! 😛 . …

Held at the AM Studios in Hells Kitchen, this event brought together community leaders in the LGBT field, giving them a space to network and mingle.  The organizations that were represented were Brooklyn Men (K)onnect (a program under the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force), UPWORDS Voices, Hetrick-Martin Institute, Queens Pryde, & of course The Latino Commission On Aids.  These organizations all help and support the LGBT community and are apart of the fight against HIV/AIDS.  All of these organizations have various campaigns going on right now to help spread the word about HIV/AIDS and STDs.

I am really glad organizations have events with this type of atmosphere, because it not only brings people together for the greater good, but it also builds bridges.  Without events like this, a lot of organizations would continue to compete with each other and not be able to unite and become allies.  I use to work in non-profit and I learned that it is hard to get connected with different organizations, because each organization is trying to stay afloat (especially during this economy).  But once organizations come together they become assets to one another, helping each other to stay above and helping each other grow.

Over all, I am glad I was there and I highly suggest you all check out these organizations:

Hetrick-Martin Institute


Brooklyn Aids Task Force

The Juntos Contruyendo

Until next event xoxo

P.S. if you’re in NYC make sure you sign up for the AIDS Walk, May 20, 2012 =

UPWORDS Voices Trailor:

Brooklyn Men (K)onnect – Breaking Ground “I Am More Than…” Campaign:

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