5th Annual Fashion & Football NFL Draft Gala & Runway Show

Last night’s event was very interesting.  Since the NFL draft is this weekend, NYC is blazing with NFL parties.  I went to the “5th Annual Fashion & Football Draft Congratulations Gala & Runway Show” which featured NFL players and hopefuls, held at the Audi dealer in Mid-town.  The place was packed to capacity and had a very diverse crowd.  A mixture of fashion, art, cars and sports, what more could a person ask for right?

For this to be the 5th Annual event, this event was pretty unorganized.  It took forever for the line out side to move, extremely slow.  They kept delaying the fashion show, it was suppose to start at 8pm, then they pushed it back to 9pm, then they kept saying in another ten minutes.  They did all that delaying for just 10 models, who didn’t even change outfits. There was an open bar, sponsored by Ciroc and Peroni, but for the first half they only had one bar open, which was a complete mess.

It was hosted by NY Jet Aaron Maybin and NFL Vet  Matthew Rice.  The art was provided by Maybin’s charity Project Mayhem and Rice’s charity Blu Art Foundation.  Most of the pieces were pretty cool, I could see myself hanging a couple of pieces in my place.  The fashions were presented by Eredi Pisano and were men upscale and street wear.

I wish they would have organized the event much better, but the fashionable crowd and DJ made me forget how unorganized they were.   The art and cars were also great to look at.  This all made the atmosphere great for networking and mingling.  I am not sure if this event was for a charity, but I am guessing it was, since they were selling the art.

Though I won’t say it was a waste of an outfit, I will say I am not sure if I will be attending this event next year.  Until next event xoxo…


One Response to “5th Annual Fashion & Football NFL Draft Gala & Runway Show”
  1. Andrea says:

    you have got to be kidding me. this event was the best of the week. the line was long but thats expected when we are talking about must-attend events.

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