My “Wreckless Wednesdays” Ending

After the fabulous Colorbars event, I headed a couple of blocks up to The $3 Tavern  for  a comedy show hosted by a friend, Aminah Imani, called “Wreckless Wednesday”.  Let me tell you this had to be one of the best comedy shows I’ve ever been to.  I am not normally a fan of comedy shows (maybe I am just a little too slow because most of the jokes go over my head), so I really didn’t know what to expect–but I really enjoyed myself.

From the outside the venue looked like a small dive bar, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  When I walked in and saw the crowd, I almost turned around, but the bartender must of seen the confusion on my face because he immediately asked if I was there  for the comedy show, and informed me it was in the room over.  I definitely felt relieved when I walked into the other room.  Though this bar is divish (is that even a word? lol) it has a great atmosphere; beer pong, a beer garden, even graffiti on the wall,  so naturally I immediately fell in love with this place.  It really reminded me of a downtown bar, but it is in mid-town.  Most beers and all well drinks are $3 and they have cheap food!  One of the sayings on their wall is “Where pretty people go to get ugly” (I can definitely see this happening here, and I could definitely be one of those people, lol).  So even if the show sucked it was still worth the trip!

Thankfully the show was good, and thank God I didn’t have to do that awkward ‘you’re not funny but I don’t want to be rude laugh’ at all during the night.  Of course the comedians clowned some of the audience members, but they also clowned each other, which made it even better.  I also appreciate that the comedians were very diverse and came from all different walks of life, which was great because everyone in the audience had someone to relate too.  It also was great because every comedian had a different style and it wasn’t the same type of jokes over and over.  One thing I do love about comedy shows is that most comedians have no filters, they talk about whatever topic no matter how fresh or taboo it is; these comedians did just that!

Over all it was a great time spent and I am glad I didn’t turn around when I first walked in the bar.  The comedy show is held every third Wednesday, so check it out next month on the 17th !


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P.S. Sorry for the crappy pictures, I wasn’t sitting in the best place and it was kind of dark in there (I know excuses excuses), don’t hate me 🙂 !

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