Private Screening of HBO’s “Girls” #mistakesGIRLSmake :-)

So last night, I was invited to a special screening of HBO’s new original series “Girls” at Liberty Hall inside of Ace Hotel.  I really didn’t know what to expect since I’ve only seen posters of this show.  I knew it was about four girls who lived in New York, so I figured it would be a modern day “Sex In The City”.

When I walked up and saw the huge line, I was ready to turn around and leave (lines have never been my thing, too impatient)!  Luckily a friend of mine was in the front so I really didn’t have to wait (can you say perfect timing?).  The inside was packed and very diverse, which always cause for a good time.  They had open bar, free popcorn, live DJ and a photo area set up; it was basically a party at the movies.

The show is somewhat of a dark comedy, about four girls in their early 20’s who are friends, but are very different, and their lives in NYC. They played the first three episodes of the show and I must say I really enjoyed it!  The crowd also seemed to really enjoy it, the awkward and sometimes uncomfortable jokes really had everyone laughing.  The creator, Lena Dunham, is one of the main actress which is very impressive.

For a great article about the show and about the others shows that are like it, “The B in Apt 23” “2 broke Girls” etc, and how they are changing the dynamic of what’s on tv – click here!

“Girls” comes one Sundays at 10:30pm.  Catch it if you can 🙂 Until next time xoxo…

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