Magazines Everywhere

So, last night, I went to two events and coincidentally they both had to do with magazines; both were very exciting and equally unique.

The first was the launch party for a new magazine called “Heed”!  The very entertaining launch party was in SoHo at Lair.   The venue was filled with socialites, industry people and everyone in between; this was definitely a great event.  Created/Founded by Saoul Vanderpool and Chef Mookie Hicks, this magazine is on the verge of becoming huge!

The party had performances from fresh new talent.  My favorites were a singer from Philly name Leah Smith, American Idol finalist Anwar Robinson and an artist from DC who goes by  Green Tea.  There were also a lot of stylish people in the crowd, which always makes more a good time.  The magazine, like the party, has a great mix of fashion, entertainment, and music, so I will definitely be subscribing.  The first official issue, with actor Laz Alonso on the cover, was released today and is available at your local Barnes and Nobles.

After mingling and vibing at the Heed event, I grabbed a cab and headed over to the West Village to Kiss and Fly for the Black Book Magazine’s event sponsored by Kettle One.   Excited doesn’t even begin to describe my feeling for this event:mainly because Kettle One is my FAVORITE vodka, so if Kettle One is anywhere in the title or description, consider me there!  The event was also free, which is definitely a plus.  The place was packed, as expected, and the music was great. The DJ really did a good job of mixing music genres; there wasn’t any one that couldn’t enjoy at least a song or two.  The drink specialist had every one drinking, which lead to everyone parting (partying + Kettle One= AMAZING). By the time I left no one was standing around looking cute anymore, not even the promoters who were at the door letting people in ;-)!

Over all the night was pretty amazing and was filled with great drinks, great music and of course great magazines!  Who could ask for more???

Make sure you check out both Heed and Black Book– they both should be great reads 😉

Until next time xoxo…


One Response to “Magazines Everywhere”
  1. Sounds like a fun and an eventful night!!

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