South N The City

So yesterday, I went to a “day” party called “South N’ The City”.  Now a day party (or after work party) is a party with a club feel that starts around 6pm (after work) and goes until  around midnight or 1am, New York and their parties!  This one was in Chelsea and it only played Southern music and we all know how southern hip-hop just makes you want to dance.  DJ Commish played everything from new toons to old toons; Luke, Hot Boys, Xscape, Trina, Jeezy, Beyonce (she is from Texas baby), everything you could think of!

I have not danced so much so early in such a long time!  My legs were killing me!  The place was packed and not one person wasn’t dancing.  Though the crowd was young and professional, everyone left their egos at the door, it really reminded me of a mature college party.  This was a great after work party and a great way to start Easter weekend!

You are in luck if you miss this party, a week from now, Saturday 4/14, there is another party that  only plays southern hip-hop & r&b music called “Grits & Biscuits“.  Do not let the name fool you, this party is MAJOR, everyone, I mean EVERYONE is there!  People come all the way from DC just to go to this party.  These ticket sell out fast and if you want to dance all night, I suggest you are there!  I swear these parties makes me wish I went to school in the south or the east coast, the network of people out here who went to these schools are crazy and they all seem to have so much fun!

Until next time xoxo


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