“Color Outside The Lines” Private Screening

So my adventure tonight, was a pretty mellow one.  I went to a private screening of the documentary “Color Outside The Lines” at the Marc Echo building.  Hosted by legendary tattoo artist Miya Bailey and Complex magazine,  this was a great event for a Thursday night.

The event reminded me of my college days, going to a frat or sorority event in the dorms or student union, except this one had alcohol (ginger beer & whiskey is a great combination). Filled with a lot of trendy people, including the innovative sunglasses designer Coco & Breezy, I knew I was in for a great night.  We all know all I need is free alcohol and wonderful fashions to make my night!

The documentary was about the struggles that African Americans tattoo artist go through in the industry.  Now when I heard this, I thought it wouldn’t be anything special, but it sure did prove me wrong.  The documentary covered everything from the artist being accepted, artist being educated in the actual art of tattooing, family issues, compensation issues, etc.  I personally believe that like graffiti, tattooing has become a trend/fad, which has taken away from its artistic values.  I mean look at the NBA, when I was growing up Allen Iverson was ridiculed for having so many tattoos, now almost every sports player has at least a sleeve.  This documentary really brought light to the tattoo world and the struggle these artist go through.

Now I’m about to share one of my ignorant thought (judge me if you want) but out of the 8 tattoos I have, none of them have been done by an African American, only because of my own bias beliefs.  Don’t kill me!!!!  But after watching this documentary it really has me thinking.  One of the artist said “90% of white tattoo artist don’t try to learn how to tattoo black skin” and me being naive thought they never had to.  This documentary really opened my ignorant mindset.

Overall I am glad I attendant and when I go to get my next tattoo I will think twice.  One of my personal rules before getting a tattoo is at least sit on the thought for about six months before getting it.  I hope you will do the same and not just get one because you think it is “cool”!  Until next time…

Color Outside The Lines trailer:

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