Dawn Richard’s “Armor On” EP Listening Party

So tonight, I went to Dawn Richard’s “Armor On” EP listening party at Open House in LES!  I know I know, the third listening party on a Monday in a row… hey maybe Monday is album listening party night.

The crowd was great, young and trendy, you know I believe that always makes for a cool party.  I was kind of disappointed because there wasn’t an open bar, I guess I have been spoiled recently!  The venue was small, which was great because it made it seem like there was a lot of people. The music was pretty good also, which made the atmosphere better.

When she got in, you would of thought it was a photoshoot! Everyone was clicking pictures of her and trying to grab a picture with her.  Her EP, “Armor On”, comes out on Itunes on 3/27.  She played her whole EP and gave a background story to each song.  It kind of gave me Brandy’s CD “Full Moon”.  The whole time her music played I kept thinking, I want to hear some Brandy right now, LOL.  I over heard someone say “Her stuff is cool, but it is too beat driven, I don’t feel her voice in none of these songs” and I agree.

I was nodding my head through most of it, so it might grow on me.   I will have to say that Dawn is on her grind!  She created this EP independently with her producer Druski and is giving that old school, only a vocalist and dope producer vibe.  I also like that the album is a conceptual art album and she wants it to be an introduction to her full length album.  She said she did not want to make this a typical R&B album, and wanted to stand out from the rest.

I’m no music critic, so definitely check her out for yourself and if you like it buy it and support her!  I must say I am proud of the female singers/rappers.  They are really taking over 2012!

Overall it was a great night and I am happy I was able to be in the building, even though I was in the corner most of the time, LOL.  Until next time..  xoxoxo

2 Responses to “Dawn Richard’s “Armor On” EP Listening Party”
  1. K Green says:

    Nice post—-I think its about time she came out with something. Suggestion, can you start telling us (readers) where you’re going so we can come too. 🙂

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