iBumpnGrind Brunch

On Sunday, I did my normal routine and went to ……… BRUNCH!!!! I decide to go to a brunch thrown by someone a friend of mine knows, instead of going to a restaurant.  I heard DJ Commish would be spinning, and since I like his style I decide to check it out … So where do I begin????

The brunch was called iBumpnGrind, and was held in the Thompson Hotel on one of their balcony bars.  It was great location, since anywhere outside and high up in NYC has an amazing view.  The weather was a little gloomy but the area was covered and heated, so that is a +++++.  The crowd was great, fashionable young mixed, which always makes for a good time!  I kind of felt sorry for the women because I swear there were like 20 ladies to every gentleman in the place.

Now it was unlimited mimosas, but the food and the service was awful!  I told myself that this would be more of a place to be seen then to eat, but for some reason I didn’t trust my instinct and I went hungry, bad idea!  They should of just called it a day party instead of a brunch.  Instead of teasing, maybe they could of had us pay at the door and you get all you can drink mimosas, I know I still would have paid.  The idea was great, but it just didn’t work for the space.  I actually left early and went to Popeyes because I was starving, don’t judge me!

Over all, I did have fun with my friends and meeting new people, I loved the atmosphere, and the music was great.  I just wish I wasn’t deceived by the thought of it being a brunch!

Until next event, which is tomorrow lol… xoxoxo

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