S.O.T.W. “Lil Bit Of Livin” by The Paxtons & Interview

This week’s song of the week goes to the hip hop duo The Paxtons.   The song “Lil Bit Of Livin” is featured on The Paxtons Avenue B mixtape.  The song has a true hip-hop vibe, just a very chill song all around.  With the busy weeks I’ve been having, I need a song like this to mellow me out!

I actually got a chance to sit down with The Paxtons and ask them a couple of questions.   I was introduced to them at Free Candy, the venue that held the Block Party I went to a while back (which is a monthly event put on by South Shore Social Club).  I found out that this venue is more than just a night club, it is actually a space for all artist.  The venue has held plays, art galleries, music performances, etc.   The owners made it as a sort of safe haven for artist, so if you are ever in Brooklyn you should really check out this spot, you never know who you will discover there.

The Paxtons, composed of Chris and Dave who are both Chi-town natives, is a group that has been doing music for what seems like all of their life.  Meeting on a school bus in the 7th grade, after realizing they both lived on Paxton Street, they formed the group and the rest is history.  Coming from a place like Chicago, that has a thick and influential underground hip-hop culture, really drove the boys to follow their passion.  Dave explains that “[In Chicago] you couldn’t just be outside, mutha-fuckas rap like freestyle, like no beats and no remembering.  So if you sound like you didn’t know what you were talking about you might get hit.  The shit is real and it was nothing to be played with, so you just had to do it.  We lived in the hood, but went to school in good neighborhoods, so we were getting the best of both worlds, but when we were in our neighborhood, we had to be about our shit and that is where it started.”  After graduating college and living the 9 – 5 life for a couple of years, they decided to pursue music full time, so on New Years Day 2010 they moved to New York City and the rest is history.

When asked what they want their fans to gain from their music Dave responded “[Our music] is going to change as we continue to go on our journey and our priorities changes, but right now we are just trying to push living yo life, to the up most quality.”  Chris said that he feels “every song is different, each project is different, so a project might be framed in different perspectives, so we want people to get our perspective through our music, our perspective on certain situations.  So then they can make themselves a better person or just to get themselves through some things.”

Sighting “music” as their influence, calling themselves “students of music”, this humble group is definitely on their way to the top.  Already performing live at over 100 venues, this group is definitely part of the future of hip hop.  Click here to download their newest FREE mixtape, Avenue B, and be sure to look out for their next mixtape Avenue C & D due out in Spring.  Also keep up with them @thepaxtons on twitter.

I also got the chance to meet Brooklyn’s native Patrick Spaglo, the creative director of Union Street Clothing.  The clothing line has been up and running since April 2011, it is a  “progressive street wear, couture meets street wear” line.  Already having a presence overseas and even in the motherland, California (don’t kill me people LOL), it has caught the attention of rappers such as Nipsey Hustle, Wale, and B.O.B.!  This brand is definitely on its way to the top and make sure you get on the wagon!  You can check out the brand at http://www.thewagonbk.com/ and you can also follow them @unionstreet_.

Over all, it was a great night spent out and meeting influential people, who are really passionate about their craft and enjoy what they do.  I love the grind that New Yorkers have and it’s something about being in this city makes you want to succeed in life.  Every time I am feeling down out here, I just meet some one who motivates me to do better, which is why I love this city!

The Paxtons performing “Stay In Love” @ Free Candy!

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