Melanie Fiona “The MF Life” Album Listening Party

Tonight, I attendant the Melanie Fiona‘s album listening party.  Let me start off by saying this beautiful talented lady tore the house down!  I wasn’t really sure what to expected since I didn’t really care for her last album, but after hearing the couple of songs she performed tonight, I will DEFINITELY be buying her new album, The MF Life, out today!

Held at The Darby near Union Square, the Roc Nation star performed for a packed house, even Jay-Z, Steve Rifkind, and Rachel Roy were in the building!  Her energy was great and the band’s was even greater.  Is it bad to say I’m glad whoever broke her heart did?  Only because she had some GREAT break-up songs!  I guess the old saying is true “your pain is my pleasure” lol :-/

Overall, I am glad I was able to make it!  It amazed me how many people new the words to her new songs, you could tell the crowd was really feeling her.  She did amazing!  Please go and support her by buying her new album!!!  My copy is already downloading, via Itunes, as I type!

Until next time xoxo

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